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Our Team

Jason works closely with our Web Developer Dan, to ensure we deliver a simple, trusted and transparent experience for parents and a highly effective and low cost advertising solution for businesses.

Helen oversees the success of our Advertising Portal. She works closely with businesses including Tutors, Attractions and Holiday Club providers to ensure they get the desired results by advertising with us.

Dan is the Web Man and is responsible for designing, coding and modifying the website, its design and functionality. Mobile Responsive, contemporary design and ease of use are key to Dan's success.

Katie is a Data Cruncher. Katie validates the Term Dates listings and ensures the data we provide our users is accurate and up to date. We work closely as a Team and Katie also helps Helen when the going gets tough.

The Story so far

By asking friends and family a few questions it soon became apparent that finding a website displaying the term dates for a specific school was not as easy as it should be. Further research confirmed that the majority of parents were frustrated and disappointed that the information could not be found or the process was far too slow. Parents also reported problems with the accuracy of the data as well as school websites not being mobile responsive and not being able to view or print the dates easily from a phone or tablet.

Otherwise known as 'The National Register of Term Dates and School Holidays' Termdates.co.uk provides a simple solution to find the term and holiday dates for any primary or secondary school in the UK.

Since March 2015 we have been busy developing a number of other products . . . .

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The Verification Process

To provide a more transparent and accurate service, in April 2015 we introduced our Term Dates Verification Process and three levels of Validation. On every School Page there will be a button under the School name and Address. This button will show one of the following;

2015/2016 Dates - Verified

The term and holiday dates have been checked and verified by someone at the school.

2015/2016 Dates - LEA Verified

The term and holiday dates have been checked and verified against the dates listed by the LEA.

2015/2016 Dates - Verified

The term and holiday dates have been checked and verified by our verification team.

2015/2016 Dates - Awaiting Verification

The term and holiday dates are waiting to be verified by the School or by our verification team.

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