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Advertiser - Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start to Sell Advertising Space?

It was launched on 18th January 2016, and we have already sold out on more than 5500 School Pages.

Who is Advertising with Us?

The website is used primarily by Parents who are looking at the Term Dates and School Holidays for their Child/Children. Our existing Advertisers include; School Holiday Club Providers, Tutors, Independent Travel Agents, After School Clubs, Local Attractions, Birthday Party Venues and Music Tutors.

Why are local Businesses advertising with us?

  • Exclusive Advertising. Whilst we serve Ads to users through Google Adsense, our Header and Footer Banners are the only two units that we sell directly to advertisers . Both Header and Footer Banners are exclusive to just one advertiser and not shared with other advertisers.
  • Sticky Banners. We provide 'sticky' banner advertising. This means that when you scroll up or down a school page, both the Header and Footer Banners remain visible, unlike most traditional display advertising where the banners will disappear when you scroll down the page. This inevitably helps with us achieving a higher 'Click Through Rate' and a better Return on Investment for our advertisers.
  • High Traffic. More than 2.3 million unique website visitors in the first three months of 2016.
  • Awards. 1000's of websites are launched in the UK every year and therefore to be included in the 'Best New Websites' with Web User Magazine is something we are very proud of.

What is the Display Advertising Tenancy Term?

Our display advertising banners allow your company to target specific postcodes and advertise on our high-traffic website from just 25 pence, per school page per month. Because we also provide a complimentary banner design service, advertisers are required to spend a minimum of £10 per month but without any long-term commitment to future advertising. The term is dependent on the monthly advertising spend.

  • Less than £20 per month the advertising term is for a minimum of 12 months
  • £20 to £100 per month the advertising term is for a minimum of 6 months
  • More than £100 per month the advertising term is for a minimum of 3 months

Can I choose what School Pages my Banner appears on?

We sell our advertising space by Postcode District. Whilst you cannot choose Individual School Pages, you are able to choose a group of Schools within a Postcode District. Click here to see the Nationwide Availability Page.

How much do you charge to Design a Banner?

Our Banner Design Service is FREE. Our design team work closely with our Advertisers to design a Banner that has the correct branding and a clear 'Call to Action' to maximise Click Through Rate.

Am I able to have a rotating Banner?

Before we launched our Advertising Portal at the end of January 2016, we beta-tested a Non-Rotating Banner 'Sticky' Banner (when you scroll up or down the page and the Banner can still be seen) versus a Rotating 'Non Sticky' Banner. The Non Rotating Sticky Banner provided a much better Click Through Rate and this is what is important to our Advertisers. Therefore we do not add rotating banners to the website.

Why do Parents not use their School website to find the dates?

1. Better Position in Google. Most parents will be looking at the term dates when they are planning the school holidays. After carrying out a search in Google the Termdates.co.uk appears in a more enhanced and prominent position than the majority of School websites. This is because we include Structured Data thus enabling Rich Snippets in the Google Results. The most common search term is the School Name followed by 'Term Dates', for example 'Stanwell School Term Dates'.

2. Schools that do not publish dates. There are a number of Schools that do not even display the dates on their website and the ones that do display dates, make it very hard to find. Whilst it is hard to believe, there are also Schools without a website.......we estimate more than 15% across the UK!

3. Webpage Bookmark can be added to IOS and Android. By using Termdates.co.uk, parents are able to add a specific school page bookmark to the Home Screen on their Phone. In January 80,000 website visitors were from Direct Traffic. Direct traffic is defined as URL's that people either type in directly or reach via their browser bookmarks.