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Gift Ideas for Teachers at the End of Term


As the school year comes to an end, many parents turn their minds to picking up a present for the teacher that has spent so much time and effort with their child during the last year.  If you know the teacher quite well and have an idea of what they like or don’t like, then the job can be quite easy.  But if you don’t and all you have to go on is information from the kids (!) then here are a few gift ideas for teachers at the end of term.

The flower question

For a lady teacher, one of the long standing and most popular presents are a bunch of flowers.  Unless you see the teacher with the streaming eyes of hayfever every morning, then flowers are always a welcome present.  They can also be cost effective with a good bunch of flowers from a supermarket costing less than £10 and usually lasting two or three weeks.  Alternatively, you can buy a few smaller bunches and you and your child arrange them into a bigger, personalised bouquet that will be unique.

Another alternative to flowers is a potted plant and this has the advantage of being with them longer.  Good houseplants can also be reasonably priced and there are some really pretty ones.  If the teacher doesn’t seem a flowery person, you can even go for ivy or other green plants or perhaps even a cactus, as long as they don’t think you are saying they are prickly!

Food and drink

The other main item on the gift list is something to eat or drink.  These options can be good for male teachers as well because most guys will enjoy a drink of lager, beer or wine at some point.  Why not buy a couple of bottles of unusual lager or beer rather than just the standard Carling or Budweiser?  Supermarkets now stock all types of specialist beers and lager, as well as flavoured ciders and these look a little more present-like than simply a few cans.

Wine is also a good present if you think they drink at all.  If you don’t have a clue what type they like, you could always buy three small bottles, one white, one red and one rose, each having a glass or two in them.  Put them in a little basket and decorate it with a ribbon for a lady teacher to make it more of a present or a nice gift bag for a male teacher.

Chocolates are an ideal gift unless you definitely know that they are allergic.  Even people who watch their weight will enjoy the odd treat so a small box of Belgian chocolates will be a welcome present.  A sweet jar is another good idea with a mixture of sweets in, particularly if the kids have noticed the teacher likes a little something sweet during the day.

Kids will often reliably know if the teacher is a coffee or tea drinker and this can be the basis of a slightly unusual present.  One such idea included getting a Starbucks cup and a voucher along with a packet of cookies and putting them in the empty cup, while writing ‘Thanks!’ on the outside of the cup.  Another option would be to buy a set of special coffees or teas and wrap them up to make a nice gift.

Personal gifts

If you are of a crafty mind set then there are plenty of ideas to make a present for the teacher.  Even something as simple as buying a mug kit where you decorate your own and set the kids to work can make a present that will mean something to a teacher.  If you don’t want to get into elaborate presents, then make a special card shows that the kids care enough to spend their time making it.

Getting the kids into the kitchen to make something for their teacher is a great idea.  Not only does it get the kids into doing a bit of baking but it also provides the teacher with a present that the kids have actually spent their time making.  Simple cake kits can be picked up from the supermarket if you aren’t a keen baker or the ingredients for cookies are another good option.  Otherwise, there are millions of recipes online to get inspiration and a cake can always be a present from a group of the kids.

For older kids, let them practise their art skills or computer talents and make a note for the teacher thanking them and telling them what they have enjoyed about their time in class.  This simple memento can be framed or left as a card for the teacher, to keep as they wish and is a very personal thank you.

Getting the class together and making a yearbook is a popular idea that has travelled across the ocean from the US.  A picture of every kid and even a message from them is a lasting keepsake that any teacher will cherish.

Other ideas

A set of smellies can be a good present if you have an idea that the teacher might like them but beware if you think they may have sensitive skin or allergies.  Smellies also work for male teachers as sets with men’s shampoo and body spray or similar are readily available through the big chemists.

‘Best teacher’ mugs are always popular but if the teacher already has one, then another china gift might be more suitable.  If they are a tea drinker, then a nice china cup and saucer, set is one idea or a fun beer mug for a male teacher.  If you know they like potted plants and have a lot, why not buy a nice plant pot, with or without a small plant in it.

Finally, if all else fails, a gift voucher may sound like a dull present but it allows the teacher to pick something they really want and will use.  If you don’t know what they like, pick one for a group of shops or an online store such as Amazon where there is something for everyone’s tastes.


Jason is the Founder of Term Dates. As a parent, it soon became apparent that finding the Term Dates and School Holidays for a particular school was not as easy as it should be. After six months collating all the necessary data, Term Dates was born.