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How to Make the School Holidays Educational


School Holidays….has there ever been a more magical combination of words to a child’s ears? A time to play, a time to explore and a time to….. learn?

Most children will balk at the idea of studying during the half term. With friends outside beckoning in the park and plenty of cartoons on the television, school work may be the last thing on your little one’s mind. That said, there are plenty of ways to incorporate education into a fun and exciting day out or afternoon at home.


Take it outside 

Spring has sprung, and there are plenty of learning opportunities in the back garden, in the park or by any body of water. Going for a splash in the creek can yield the magic of frog spawn, and an excellent time to revise biology. Inspecting new buds and fresh grass are great times to explain photosynthesis, and a visit to the petting area yields a perfect opportunity to talk genus and species. No matter what science or nature topic is being covered in class, chances are the great outdoors is your ultimate study buddy.
Or back inside 

All child friendly museums offer special half term programmes for children of all ages, usually at no charge. Keen to explore history? The Museum of London may be for you and your brood. Perhaps a jaunt into the belly of whale? Definitely the Natural History Museum. Arts and culture? How about the Tate? Even niche topics such as human pathology and zoology are covered in the UK’s fascinating museums. What your child learns in a museum will complement and contextualise their studies – and provide for a good family day out.
Make a Game of it 

Turning an otherwise dry or dull subject into a fun game is the perfect way to bring schoolwork alive. Family living room quiz shows with fun prizes, board games and even small skits and plays can all turn a topic they are bored of into a fun and exciting play activity. Before you know it, they’ll be begging for their Shakespeare lessons.
Walk it off 

Family friendly walking tours are offered in most cities of the UK. History, literature and arts come alive when you follow a professional guide, and kids can really learn a lot about the cities in which they live during a curated walk by a professional storyteller. In London, try the Street Art Tour – the bright colours and immigration history are sure to be a big hit and a teachable moment! For hungry tummies and voracious appetites, the Free East End Food Tour is a way to sneak history revision into their brains while delicious snacks disappear into their mouths!
Get Crafty 

Fancy snuggling up indoors during half term instead of venturing outside? A fun way to encourage revision is to provide a table filled with exciting craft supplies – pipe cleaners, sparkly stickers, crepe paper and more – and help your kids to create wondrous masterpieces related to their studies. It’s easy to sneak in some stories and facts while colouring a Georgian mansion or building a model ship. They’ll be learning and they won’t even know it.


Follow these tricky tips and your kids will spend their whole half term learning – and having a blast.



Jason is the Founder of Term Dates. As a parent, it soon became apparent that finding the Term Dates and School Holidays for a particular school was not as easy as it should be. After six months collating all the necessary data, Term Dates was born.