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The Benefits of Trampolining


The Benefits of Trampolining

There’s nothing new about trampolines, they have been a favourite pass time for kids going back generations.  But in recent times, there has been a boom in trampoline parks, organised centres with large numbers of trampolines and other features to add to the bouncing.  Parents are taking kids for a wide range of sessions but is it just fun or are there real benefits to trampolining?

Basic benefits

Some of the basic benefits of trampolining are great for adults as well as kids.  For starters, there’s the improvement to bones that comes from putting them under a little stress.  Exercise is good for us, we all know that, but some exercise can cause harm as well as good through overstressing joints or bones.  Because trampolining is essentially a softer impact than running or some gym activities, it puts good stress on the bones to increase their strength – each impact is the equivalent of twice the force of gravity.

Jumping is fun and also a great way to burn off calories, which might sound like a very adult thing but does apply to children as well.  Child obesity is a big thing that many families are trying to deal with and getting rid of those calories is a great way to work on this.  Trampolining is fun and therefore is a subtle exercise – kids are so busy enjoying themselves that they don’t realise they are exercising!

Heart health is another area that seems very adult but it is never too early to start protecting your heart.  Getting the blood pumping makes the whole system more efficient and by starting a routine as a child, this can benefit you as you get older.

Other benefits

Kids have great natural balance but as you get older, this can often weaken and by the time we are adults, we can’t walk in a straight line without wobbling (even without a few glasses of wine!) but by starting to work on areas of balance as kids and maintaining these routines through as adults, then we have better coordination.

Hand eye coordination is something often mentioned in relation to computer games and using tablets or games consoles.  But playing games such as dodgeball or basketball on a trampoline park can also work on these skills.  The greater flexibility gained through bouncing and jumping can also reflect when sports are played on normal courts which in turn benefits overall confidence.

Kids also tend to have a lot of energy but this can run out quickly and then they are listless and tired.  Trampolining has been shown to help improve mental health and sharpness by increasing the flow of blood around the system.  This in turn increases concentration and makes for a better mood – great reasons for adults to join in too.

Social skills can be developed by visiting the trampoline park where there is little choice but to interact with the other kids there.  It has been proven to help children with autism to adapt to being around other kids and to gain a sense of being included, where their natural feeling is one of exclusion.

For all children, boosting their self-esteem by learning trampolining skills is a benefit and their new sense of fitness and balance can help them do better in other activities.  It also teaches them a sense of determination and persistence when they want to do a certain move or trick and must practise it repeatedly in order to master it.

Grab vouchers for Free sessions

Air Kings Trampoline Park

Air Kings Trampoline Park offers more than just basic trampolining – it offers wall to wall areas with multiple trampolines and a range of other activities combined.  You can make use of the basketball hoops, dodgeball sessions and even an airbag as well as open bounce sessions.  It even has a soft play area for the smaller visitors.

Bounce Indoor Trampoline Park

The trampolines at Bounce number over 100 and are interconnected to allow tricks and moves that simply aren’t possible on a single trampoline.  The venue is popular with school trips and offers the ideal combination of great fun and real exercise that makes it attractive to adults as well as kids.  It is a great way for parents to enjoy some active fun with the children.

Velocity Trampoline Park

Velocity Trampoline Park gives the ultimate in trampolining experience for kids and adults so is a great place to enjoy some fun time together.  The park has a series of connected trampolines as well as other games to enjoy such as dodgeball and basketball.  Bounce off the walls as well as the floor for the biggest adrenaline rush.

Jump Xtreme

Jump Xtreme offers a range of sessions including free jump where everyone can get stuck in as well as fitness sessions for adults and parties for special occasions.  There are teen nights and family fun sessions where kids and adults can bounce together.  There are even times designated for toddlers, where the little ones get the place almost to themselves.

Oxygen Free Jumping

Free jumping is just one of the sessions offered at Oxygen where kids can learn and develop their trampolining skills in a safe and fun environment.  The centre offers fitness sessions as well as parties and special times for the toddlers to take over.  There are holiday camps and dodgeball nights as well as proper trampolining school sessions.

Boing Zone

The Boing Zone is the place to go whether you want to get the kids bouncing or join in yourself.  The benefits of trampolining are clear and the centre offer a wide range of sessions to incorporate all of these.  From fitness sessions to free jump times and even toddler specials, the centre offers something for all ages.


Trampolining is great fun, whether in the back garden or at the trampoline park.  The health benefits are clear for both kids and adults and means that there is no excuse that everyone can’t grab a voucher and head off to the nearest park to enjoy a session of jumping and bouncing with all its attached benefits.


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