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The Best Homework Help Sites


So the kids are back at school and normal routines once more come into life – getting up, heading off to school, coming home and doing the homework.  Some kids enjoy homework, some hate it and most are in the middle.  They know it needs to be done but aren’t exactly enthusiast.  Then they start trying to persuade parents to help in various ways.  This is where homework help sites come in – so which are the best homework help sites for the kids?

Homework tips

Before looking at some of the best homework help sites, there are a few tips to remember about homework in general.  The first one is to let the kids have something to eat before starting – this might just be a nutritional snack with their main meal scheduled for later, depending on the family schedule.  None of us work at our best when we are hungry.

Make sure there is a quiet place to do the homework away from distractions.  If there are pre-school kids in the house, try to keep them occupied elsewhere.  Ensure all the essentials are on hand such as pens, pencils and that there is a good workspace to use.

Set up a timetable for homework sessions so that kids know when to expect to be doing it.  It might be after the evening meal for older kids or you might schedule different ‘slots’ for the different kids if they distract each other.  TV is a no-no but some quiet music can help relax them.

Remember to keep in mind the current teaching techniques, rather than those you were taught when you were at school.  By telling them what you know, that can just confuse them and mean they aren’t learning what the school wants them to learn.

Best homework help sites

BBC Bitesize

The BBC has been making high quality educational programs for generations and their education website, called Bitesize, is equally useful.  There are two ways to search for help – by the subject or by the stage the kids are studying at.  Once you go into the subject, there is a range of options such as KS1 Maths, 4th level Maths and even Higher Maths.  By selecting the stage your child is studying, there is then a range of topics to help them, for example mathematical skills including problem solving and reasoning.

The website also has less formal content such as educational news, school newsletters and news round, a news program for kids.  There are interactive games to help them with their studies and plenty of fun stuff to engage them.


BBC Cbeebies

The Cbeebies website works alongside the children’s channel and is filled with educational fun for younger kids.  This includes homework help, interactive challenges and even stories.


Homework Elephant

Homework Elephant has some 5,000 resources available to assist kids in their various homework topics.  These are listed through the subjects they are covered by so are easy to search for a specific category.  They also offer an ‘Agony Elephant’ service where kids can ask questions to an expert on subjects including maths, English, biology and history.  Finally, there is a hints and tips section that covers how to do homework, learning tips and even helping kids cope with worries about their projects.


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum website is filled with information, not just about the museum itself but also topics within the natural history sphere.  These include the use of videos and diagrams to bring the subject to life, such as the discovery of the Dacentrurus, the first stegosaurs to be found.  There are also features such as the first geological map of the UK made by William Smith and a special program by Sir David Attenborough on early life in the oceans.


NASA Kids Club

NASA may be in the US but there is no bigger name in the space exploration world and all the kids know who they are.  Their Kids Club is filled with interesting information, videos and even projects to do at home.  There are educational games such to learn them about the Solar System and the facility to track the Space Station.  New sections include the latest discoveries such as the recent images of Pluto.



KidInfo is a website with resources for kids, for parents and even teachers including lesson plans, tips on homework and even a variety of child-related resources.  The homework section is listed under ‘Students’ and some of it is aimed at US students but there is plenty of handy stuff available – especially if kids are studying a topic relating to America!


People’s Network

The People’s Network is managed by the Museums, Libraries and Archives council and allows online access to a huge range of information otherwise found in the libraries around the country.  There are also enquiry resources where kids can find out information on subjects from experts as well as discover more on a subject.


National Archives

Another similar resource is the National Archives which is the government department containing the Office of Public Sector Information and even the Queen’s Stationary Office.  This means there are records dating back over 1000 years for the whole of the UK on a variety of subjects.


National Geographic Kids

National Geographic are another massive name in TV shows and their magazine so their Kids section is filled with useful resources of the highest quality.  Subjects covered includes animals, science and nature, history, places as well as games and entertainment resources.  So kids can learn about the countries of the world, the birds and animals that live there and there is fun areas to entertainment them as well as help with the homework.


Channel 4 Learning

Channel 4 Learning is aimed at seven to eleven year olds and covers three main subjects – science, history and geography.  There are plenty of interactive resources to entertain the kids as well as notes for teachers to help out.



Topmarks is a varied educational resource that allows searches on a subject, an age groups and even by the year that the kids are in.  This includes subjects from astronomy to geography as well as languages and sciences.



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