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Top 14 Travel Bloggers

Top 14 Family Travel Blogs


Sometimes when you are looking for ideas about where to go on holiday or for a weekend break, inspiration can be hard to come by.  Of course, travel agents will give you plenty of information but sometimes you want something unbiased, neutral and personal.  One of the best ways to find this type of inspiration is to look at blogs and here we review the UK’s top 14 family travel blogs.

What is a blog?

In case you missed it, a blog is a bit like a diary, only written for the world to read.  People write about what they know, what they like and what they don’t and this allows readers to get a wider viewpoint on a location or venue than offers through traditional means.  Blog are often written un a fun, casual way that makes reading them amusing and relaxing and there is none of the pressure to ‘buy’ that can be found on major travel websites.  You may even be inspired to start your own!

The Family Adventure Project

The Family Adventure Project is the blog of husband and wife team Stuart and Kirstie who have three children.  Their aim is to spend time together as a family doing interesting and exciting things and getting out and about.  As well as locations, their blog also deals with different adventure ideas and also action – in other words sports and activities.


A Modern Mother

A Modern Mother is a blog by just that – a former corporate lady who left her job to have three children and is now a full-time mum as well as the founder of BritMums.  Her blog covers a range of destinations and ideas for things to do as well as places to visit and offers advice on places to stay, all from a family perspective.



Jenography comes from another BritMums co-founder as well as former journalist for some of the big names in the print industry.  Her travel advice starts in the UK and goes further afield with a focus on travelling to places with children.  She also deals with current news items relating to travel and advice for taking the children on longer trips.


Mums Do Travel

Mums Do Travel is the blog of a former journalist turned mother who looks at places from a family point of view.  Her blogs include room reports and interviews with other family travellers for their ideas and views.  There is also advice around the type of trip as well as where to go.


Family Travel Times

Family Travel Times is co-written by couple Sarah and Brian with their two kids to offer a viewpoint from the younger mind.  They review the places that they visit as well as guest pieces from other family bloggers on their experiences and include plenty of their own fun photography to inspire others.


The Mum Blog

The Mum Blog features sections on travel and family travel to offer a range of tips and hints.  As well as information about where to go and where to stay, there is also information about matters that make travelling easier.  It is written by journalist and mum Liz Jarvis.


Mum on the Brink

Mum on the Brink is a blog covering travel and outdoor fun as well as other matters such as technology, written by mother of three Monika.  The blog looks at locations to visit and places to stay as well as new ways to travel such as reviewing motorhomes and information about activities to keep the kids occupied.


Jetlag and Mayhem

Jetlag and Mayhem is a blog on how to deal with both along with a host of other issues facing parents that want to take their kids on holiday.  Blogger Nicola has two kids and hasn’t stopped travelling since she had them so has plenty of practical advice for parents as well as information about destinations from a family point of view.  There are also helpful tips on planning trips.


Mums Gone to

Mums Gone To started off as a travel diary for mother of one Trish and expanded to cover a range of different destinations in the UK and abroad.  She is also the monthly travel writer for the BritMums blogging site so understands the problems facing families when they travel.


Adventure Mummy

Adventure Mummy is a blog about a mother of three who loves adventure and has even done a trek around Mount Everest.  Her blog is all about locations around the world as well as places to visit in the UK and even inspiration for days out.  She also has a section on hiking for those wanting something a little more extreme.


Baby Routes

Baby Routes is aimed at adventurous parents with small children and is written by a mother with two.  From walks and back to nature advice as well as travel information and practical information to help parents out, the blogs are written from Kate’s own experiences.


Baby Loves to Travel

Baby Loves to Travel is covers a wide range of locations around the world from Europe to Asia and North America.  As well as looking at locations, food and travel, blogger Lisa also covers product and services reviews from the point of view of a mother with two small children.  Travel planning and tips is another useful section, especially when considering a longer trip than just inside the UK.



Mummytravels answers the question of can you really keep travelling when you have a child in tow by showing the experiences of the blogger since the birth of her little girl.  The blog covers destination guides and how to do it tips that are always useful for travelling families.  There are also paraphernalia reviews and very useful travel checklists.


All the Camping Gear

All the Camping Gear focuses mainly on camping – where to stay, the gear needed to make the trip a success and reviews of all things camping.  It is written by a couple with two children who have a passion for camping around the UK and sharing their experiences with others.



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